Having a positive mindset comes with an unbelievable number of benefits, from better physical and mental health, to improved relationships and performance at work. If you’ve got a more negative bent, you’re really missing out on a lot. 

Fortunately, my guest says it’s possible to shift into a more positive gear. Her name is Dr. Catherine Sanderson and she’s a professor of psychology at Amherst College. In her latest book, The Positive Shift, she highlights scores of studies that show how a positive mindset can make us healthier and happier, and how that mindset can be achieved. Today she shares those insights with us, beginning with debunking the idea that a positive outlook means being naively Pollyanna-ish in disposition. Catherine then walks us through what the research says about the surprisingly robust benefits of having a positive perspective which affect every area of your life. We then discuss specific tactics you can use to develop a more positive outlook, even if you have an inborn inclination towards being negative.

Show Highlights

  • What does positivity actually look like? Is it a happy-go-lucky all the time?
  • The physiological health benefits of positivity
  • How our outlook impacts our relationships — both platonic and romantic
  • How much of our general outlook and happiness is determined by genetics?
  • So how can start truly shifting our mindset?
  • How to reframe negative situations to make them beneficial
  • Why being positive makes aging a much more enjoyable process
  • What do you do if you find yourself in a negativity vortex that you can’t get out of?
  • The influence of social media on our positivity/negativity
  • Overriding our tendencies to negativity 
  • How do we manage our desire to compare ourselves to other people?
  • The way your spending habits can change your outlook 
  • The importance of good relationships to your outlook in life 

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