Kitchen, Accra, Ghana

Larry and his assistant (didn’t get her name) at work in the kitchen

One of the most followed pages on my cooking blog is the recipe for fried rice (Ghana). It was part of a Ghanaian feast that we made a few years ago using cookbooks purchased in that country. The main picture on that post has been saved to countless Pinterest accounts, as well as many website promoting Ghanaian food and produce.

Poor John and I are back in Ghana for the start of our next overland adventure. We’re in Accra (the capital) for a couple of days to meet the group and get some visas.

Of course, sightseeing has to be part of the stay. So yesterday three of us grabbed a taxi to Teshie to see the amazing carved coffins that make that suburb famous. Of course, when we got there about 2pm, our stomachs reminded us that we hadn’t eaten lunch.

We stopped at a likely looking hole-in-the-wall, but they had finished serving lunch. The next hole-in the-wall sold only alcohol and the third was a sports bar with loud music and a raucous crowd.

Ingot Hotel, Ghana

Ghana is quite religious and it shows in their signage

But then Dee and I spied the Ingot Hotel and its simple restaurant out the front. We inched our way across the busy road and popped in to see if lunch was an option. Larry, the cook, suggested fried rice, and Dee asked if it could be ‘with egg on top’. Sure thing.

So we settled down with a couple of beers and a pear soft drink. The room next to us was filled with people. It was decorated in red and grey, with small pews and a lectern. At first we thought it was a small church, but it turned out to be the hotel school.

Ghanaian cook

Larry dishes up our lunch

A couple of young women came and asked if they could have their photos taken with us. It became quite a production. All the students and teachers spilled into the hotel courtyard, and countless photographs were taken. We looked pretty scruffy compared to them, but they insisted that they are going to put our group photo on the hotel’s advertising banner.

So if you’re ever on the main street in Teshie, be sure to look our for our picture.

P.S. Another post soon about the coffins. The internet connections have been dreadful and it’s taken me 24 hours to get this posted.

fried rice

Staff, students and tourists

The making of a hotel banner. Poor John looking especially scruffy

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