“You have to dream before the dream can come true.”

Very recently I spent five very special days with two new friends from across the other side of the world. One of them many of you may know, the lovely, fun loving and kind hearted woman behind the blog Cyranny’s Cove.

First let me back track a bit … to late last year when I organised a five day camping trip for my sister to Mungo and the Pink Lakes, I wrote about it in An Outback Itinerary.

I remember wondering what it would be like to organise a trip for tourists. I even wrote that in my post … “who knows, maybe one day I’ll run a fair dinkum tour in the outback. For now I’ll stick to organising our small group of five. Hopefully I won’t get us too lost!” 

Who would have thought that less than three months after writing that post I’d get a request from a fellow blogger asking just that. “We’re coming to Australia. How would you feel about taking us on a mini trip …”

Initially I was super surprised, then I felt flattered and then it all faded to … ‘hell yeah, why not?’

We’ve been on hundreds of trips over the years and I’ve organised just about every one of them but I’ve never done anything like this before, not with anyone other than family and close friends. The seed was planted.

Talks ensued with the hubby, time off had to be confirmed and an itinerary created. Once we knew we could do it I contacted Cyranny and told her, yes! Things were set in motion. We were both so excited to be meeting.

When you really want something, you make it happen.”

I’ve met and become friends with a number of bloggers since I started my website in 2015, all of them from Australia and all of them lovely people with shared interests. Our blogging connection always means that when we meet up we already feel as though we know each other.

This meet up was on a whole new level. Having someone come to Australia partly as a result of what they’d read on my blog both surprised and humbled me. I wanted to make it a special trip, one that Catherine and her partner would always remember. I’d like to think we achieved that.

Over the course of five days we had the full camping experience. We travelled from the wonders of the Grampians to the splendours of the Great Ocean Road. Along the way we experienced all of Australia’s crazy weather, from the heat in the mountains to the wet cool Otway rainforest. 

Plus a lot of other fun stuff in between.

I will, in future posts, share our adventures, however I know that Cyranny will want to share her own stories when she returns to Canada. If you’re not already following her, do yourself a favour and venture over to the Cove.

Suffice to say it was a special time we spent together. And all because she asked. If you don’t have the courage to ask for what you want in life, you don’t get. And, as for venturing to far away lands, you’ll never know just what’s around the corner, or across the ocean, unless you’re brave enough to step out of your comfort zone.

So dream, and plan, and always imagine that something wonderful is going to happen.  It might not always turn out the way you imagine, in fact, it might turn out even better.

Wishing you all love and light as we continue the journey.

When dreaming becomes real. Enjoying a magical sunset together in the Grampians
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