When do you feel alive? Truly alive. Is it in nature, in music, when you’re immersed in your art or when you’re enjoying a delicious moment? Or is it when you feel you’re in the presence of something greater than yourself.

In the presence of something greater!

A week ago I saw English-Australian singer songwriter Mark Wilkinson perform again in Melbourne. His voice is as smooth as gelato and his lyrics have a depth that stirs you long after you’ve heard them, including this song, “All I ever wanted”.

“All I ever wanted was to be someone

More than just a shadow from a fading sun

And you tell me I’m here

And you say I’ll survive

But I’m searching for more

To know that I’m alive …”

The next day I woke up with a massive head cold and aches all over. So much for feeling alive! Slowly I’m feeling myself again but for all of last week I felt as sick as a dog.

I had no energy whatsoever.

So what makes you feel alive?

Is it music? For me, it doesn’t matter if it’s Ed Sheeran, Phil Collins or home grown artists like Mark Wilkinson, Lior and James Mark. When the words and music hit me in the heart it’s like a fire is lit.

Who hasn’t stayed in their car after reaching a destination just to hear the end of a favourite song (or is that only me?)

Then there’s the music found in nature, the sights and sounds of our beautiful world, conquering a mountain, finding peace …

Take a step out

You know you’re alive when you take a giant leap of faith into the unknown. In January, harnessed and suspended high above the ground, I flew! The thought of it was terrifying, the actual experience was exhilarating.

You know you’re alive when your feet touch the ground again and then you climb to the top of a tower and wonder how the heck you’re going to get down.

Yes, stepping out of our comfort zone definitely makes you feel alive.

It’s the same when we do a random act of kindness, the ultimate feel good boost.

Writing, travelling, watching the sun rise, meditating, cooking with love, enjoying a massage or a heart to heart conversation …

Be bold and say something you’ve always wanted to say, try something you’ve always wanted to try or go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

The point is to do something that makes you feel passionate, excited, exhilarated.

Immerse yourself in life.

Feeling invigorated at Port Elliot earlier this year

Searching for more

Then there are the big things. Passion, purpose, a sense of meaning in our life … we can spend our life searching and think we’ve found it. And then it can fade, so quickly with routine, self doubt and uncertainty. But feeling alive means pushing through blocks, facing fears and doing it anyway.

When things are scary, don’t back off. When you find things that make you happy hold onto them. Along the way don’t be afraid to break a few rules, dare to take risks and even to fail. Failing means you’re striving and doing more than just surviving.

That’s when you know you’re truly alive.

Life’s too short to settle for a half lived life, so live it bravely and have no regrets.

In light and love

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