Have you ever seen the movie Yes Man. I watched it again last Friday night after many years and, maybe it was the timing, but it struck a chord with me.

In the movie Jim Carey plays a man who’s stuck in a rut. He gets involved in a self help seminar which leads him to making a decision where he has to say Yes to everything in life that’s offered to him for a year.

What follows is a series of synchronicities and serendipitous moments, each one wilder than the other and, as you’d expect, all of them have a flow on affect in his life.

It turns his ordinary routine life into a series of topsy turvy, adventures and in the process he changes dramatically. In the end we hardly recognise him, his life is vastly different and he’s fulfilled beyond his wildest dreams.

It’s a fun, thought provoking movie, that made me think about sliding doors, choices I’ve made and doors I’ve closed.

Wandering through Walhalla last weekend. New doors, new places, new experiences.

Over the last few years I’ve let a number of opportunities slide and I sometimes wonder how my life would have been if I’d made a different decision. We often make excuses: the timing, cost, circumstances aren’t right and so we hold ourselves back.

Yet there are sliding doors. Everything happens for a reason, I believe. Through all our choices we are where we’re meant to be. There’s no point in regrets. Still, I want to be open to it all now and I don’t want to miss out on things that may not come again.

Take last Friday for example. I’d received an invitation from my sister that I originally turned down. However, I changed my mind and I’m so glad I did, as we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together cooking. I think mum would have been beaming knowing we were recreating her much loved ‘pasta al forno’ recipe.

We made trays of lasagne, from scratch. And just like the process, with all of its kneading of the dough, the intricacies and timing, the layering and cutting of the pasta, the rich sauce and toppings, I’m reminded that life is a series of steps. It’s also what we make of it

What if we were open to everything? What if we let the uncertainties and fears go and embraced all the chances and offerings that life presented.

Imagine how our life might be different if we grabbed every opportunity that came our way. With conviction and excitement.

Once we put ourselves in the flow of life it’s amazing how the Universe conspires to align us with all that’s rich and abundant.

Life can be delicious … and fun.

If you haven’t watched Yes Man I’d recommend it. It’s light, funny, and it’ll make you believe in the power of possibility. And the magic that happens when we say yes. Plus Jim Carey always makes me laugh!

Say yes to more this week. Take a chance. Put aside any second guessing and let life take you on a wild ride of adventure and delicious surprise. Who knows what’s waiting for you when you say yes to the Universe.

Say yes today and it might affect your tomorrow … which could hugely transform your future.

At the very least it will give you a new experience and adventure. And isn’t that what life’s about.

I wonder what would happen if we said yes to everything for a year!

Have a great week.

In love and light

Going with the flow and saying yes to adventure. Here we are crossing a river over the weekend

Stepping out of the shadows and into the light last week.

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