Did you know that horses can see almost 360 degrees around their heads. That’s because their eyes are on the side of their head. Wouldn’t that be a handy skill to have? They can also run soon after birth, which is pretty cool, at least for a horse.

Personally, I think it’s good to be able to walk before we can run.

For most writers, starting a blog is a bit like that. Baby steps in the beginning, learning the ropes, the etiquette and the ins and outs of the blogging world.

For me, blogging was another way for me to journal my family’s adventures. These days, four years on, the kids are grown up and mostly doing their own thing. Times are changing.

Connecting and disconnecting while camping. It’s a fine balance.

After last weekend, I couldn’t help reminiscing on one of the first posts I ever wrote on this blog.

The post was titled The Man from Snowy River, through my Daughter’s eyes. and I wrote it when OutanAbout was still in its bare bottomed infancy. At the time my daughter, Tash, was still at school and working weekends for a trail riding company. Fast forward to today and (at nearly 21) she’s still following her dreams.

When she invited us camping with her, her boyfriend and her friend last weekend we jumped at the chance. The catch? Could we babysit their dogs whilst they went riding?

We also invited a couple of longtime camping friends. It was a weekend of both relaxation and adventure, filled with all of our four legged friends and, of course, lots of good food and wine.

Now before you think all we did was eat and drink, think again. On the Saturday whilst our horse riding trio rode off into the sunset we had our own adventure.

Admittedly it was hardly strenuous as we drove the steep and corrugated 17kms track to Craig’s Hut. At the top the views are far reaching and I can only imagine how exhilarating it would be to do it on horseback.

As I wrote in a recent Instagram post, “with a backdrop of mountain ranges and endless horizons it’s no wonder this area was chosen as the setting for The Man From Snowy River …”

Even the clouds and grey skies couldn’t dim the splendour of this landscape. We watched as a helicopter took off, giving some lucky tourists a birds eye view of the landscape.

Hours later, back at camp, the skies opened. Our horse riders still weren’t back but eventually made it, drenched to the bone. Despite the rain they were all in high spirits. Tash’s new horse, Wyatt, proved himself steadfast in difficult conditions and as for Tash, I was super proud of her resilient, positive attitude.

Tash and Kyle at Craig’s Hut, creating their own story

Time ticks by, whether we have a blog or not. Our kids grow up, circumstances change, our dreams change and so do we.

Adventures come and go, exciting weekends fill our memory banks and challenging days blend into lessons.

Lessons from the weekend

My focus has been scattered these past couple of weeks. It’s been up and down. Even though I’m not a horse rider myself, I understand the challenges involved and I think it applies to every day life too, the need to be prepared, sure-footed, of looking ahead while taking one step at a time.

Following our dreams doesn’t have to come with a deadline or time period, but it’s good to set ourselves some small goals and have projects to work towards.

When you’re faced with an obstacle, look up, hold on and get over it. Easier said than done perhaps but sometimes it’s what we have to do to reach our goal.img_6770

Look at the big picture and visualise your dream in your mind. Stay focused on what you want and follow that trail, even if it deviates, there’s always a way. The important thing is to keep moving.

Trust in yourself. And believe.

Just do it! Apparently Tom Burlinson who played the lead role of Jim Craig in the movie was an inexperienced horse rider. He did all his own stunts including the epic scene of him galloping down the cliff after the brumbies, which was apparently done in one take.

There’s something to be said for just going for it.

Love your life, live your dreams.

Keep enjoying the journey.

In light and love

Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride.

“A horse gallops with his lungs, Perseveres with his heart. And wins with his character.” Tesio

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