I love you but I think I’ve had enough. I love your long days and balmy nights, all the mango sorbet and fresh salads you make me eat. However, as for the intensity of your heat, summer, I think I’ve had enough.

With one month left of summer in Australia we’ve had some scorchers. We’ve had days where stepping outside was like walking into a furnace, where temperatures have soared to all time highs.

Last Thursday, camped in the picturesque seaside town of Port Elliot, South Australia, the temperature reached a record high of 46.8C.

I could have been in worse places I suppose!

Fortunately our camper was set up adjacent to Horseshoe Bay, and for the early and latter part of the day, that’s where we were. The water was blissful and a cooling respite from the heat.

But the sand was unbearable. In between the lathering of sunscreen and swims we sought out air conditioned venues and cafes out of the heat.

Two days later it was Australia Day and within the park the flags were flying high. Blessedly, the weather had returned to a degree of normality.

No, this is not our van but it’s so cute I couldn’t resist taking a pic

Travelling in summer always reminds me of how diverse Australia is. Through deserts, beaches, outback, mountains, our land and temperatures are as extreme as each other. Balance is good.

I’ve been away for a week and in that time we travelled close to 1800kms. We drove from Melbourne to Port Elliot with the jewelled Horseshoe Bay the undisputed queen of the area.

Looking down at Horseshoe Bay

On the way home, breaking our drive back from South Australia, we stopped off at the Lakeside Tourist Park in Halls Gap.

Our timing was brilliant. The Australia Day public holiday had come and gone and 500 people had just checked out of the park. It was blissfully quiet, except for the wild locals.

The flocks of friendly cockatoos made their presence felt at drinks time. Close by kangaroos grazed, deers and emus roamed. We didn’t bother to set up our barbecue that night. Instead we cooked and enjoyed dinner in the massive camp kitchen where we met a couple from Port Elliot. It’s a small world!

On our last morning, graced with a late checkout, we trekked to the Pinnacle at the Grampians. I’ve walked it before but there’s always different ways of getting there. Like life, it’s great to have an end goal and pinnacle in mind but it’s the scenery along the way that makes it memorable.

Every trip we take, every walk we tackle offers something different that challenges our perspective on life.

Whether it’s hot, cold, whether we’re feeling high or low, rushed or slow, life is never dull.

For me, January has raced by in a blur and blogging has taken a back seat. Life sometimes demands that and for me the focus and energy has been on family and on those around me.

However, a new month brings changes in circumstances. My son starts Year 12 (his final year of high school) and hubby is working interstate so in February I’ll be saying yes to a few invitations and stepping into new territory. Things are shifting.

Here’s to looking ahead to new opportunities and keeping our eyes open to those moments that take us down different paths.

Life might be challenging and summer temperatures might be extreme but the universe never gives us more than we can cope with. Say YES to life and it might just give us what we need.

In fact the more I think about it, I think I might make the most of the warmth while it’s here.

Have a beautiful month ahead.

In light and summer love

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