Truck stuck in mud Ghana West Africa

Stuck up to the back axle

It’s been several days since we had internet but there has been plenty to keep us busy. We camped for two days at Brenu Beach on the Cape Coast. We visited two  depressing but enlightening ‘castles’ from which slaves were sent to the Americas. Then more camping at Kakum, a national park in Ghana.

And this being an overland trip, of course we got stuck. On our previous African overland, we spent a lot of time stuck in the sands of the Sahara Desert, but yesterday’s sticky situation was in the mud.

There’s been torrential rain around us—you can tell by the puddles—but we’ve only had sprinklings of rain.

Ghana West Africa

A bit of wood might help with traction

Ghana West Africa

Gathering rocks and gravel to put in front of the tyres

Luckily we weren’t stranded for long. A joint effort including the driver, Jason, some fellow passengers and some helpful locals had us on the way in about 15 minutes.

Now that it’s caked in mud, the truck looks like a real overland vehicle.

P.S. I’ll write about the other stops soon. Just give me some internet. I’ve been trying to post this short item since last night. Too many error messages. On the upside, we had our first hot showers in nine days. We’ve had showers, but only cold.

Ghana West Africa

A taxi skirts around a puddle. We skirted on the other side

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