In the world which I travel I am endlessly creating myself“. Franz Fanon

Ain’t that the truth!

We become so much more through our experiences and through all we discover about ourselves along the way.

Through all the journeys I’ve travelled this year I’ve discovered something about myself and it’s been more than simply tackling a sand dune in the 4WD!

I’ve discovered resilience when things tumbled around me, both in a financial sense and emotionally.

I discovered I’m stronger than I thought I was and capable of picking myself up when setbacks hit.

I’ve discovered who my true friends are and that when times are tough the person I most need to trust in is myself.

I’ve discovered that change is a constant and if we don’t move with it we’re often left behind.

I’ve discovered that sticking to something worthwhile can be bloody hard work. My daily meditation faltered but I’m determined to make it more of a priority in 2019.

However I’ve also discovered that if we want something badly enough and we take steps to make it happen, then let it go, magic happens. That’s when my column presented itself.

Then there were the physical journeys that nourished my soul.

Walking in the mountains, camping alongside rivers and waking up to the sun rising over the ocean reminds me of nature’s healing power and how much I love being outdoors.

Last weekend, for our 26th wedding anniversary, we went away to somewhere new and extraordinary.

The historic Fyansford Paper Mills, which sits on the edge of the Barwon River, just minutes from Geelong, is like stepping into another world, a hidden heritage and cultural treasure.

The precinct is filled with historic buildings, huge and magnificent, and an ambience reminiscent of medieval England. Most buildings are now artists studios, there’s the Provenance winery on site, the Door Gallery Cafe and our very own miners studio to stay in.

The Fyansford pub down the road serves great meals and there’s even a courtesy bus to get you there. Oh, and the riverside walks are simply gorgeous.

What really stood out for me were the artists we met. The majority of them, well into the prime of their life, were truly embracing their passion.

They were proof that it’s never too late to become what you love … photographers, mosaic artists, story book illustrators, painters, cafe owners.

They were all inspiring and proof that we’re never too old to go after our dreams, to find a new love, pursue a passion, to take up a hobby, study a course and reinvent ourselves.

They had discovered the artist within, just like we all can.

Like these artists, I guess the biggest journey I’m on is the one that continues within, the one I’m currently travelling and constantly creating.

Life is far from perfect but half the challenge is learning from our falls and forging ahead. As a new year beckons with lots of new possibilities I feel a sense of anticipation.

With that in mind I’m looking forward to stepping into the unknown and opening lots of new doors next year.

May they open for you as well as you aim high and make your visions a reality and your dreams come true.

Are you ready to step into the unknown and create a new you?

Happy new year everyone.

In light and love

Today is the perfect day for opening a new door


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