The AoM Shop is stocked with tons of items that are true, one-of-a-kind exclusives you can’t find anywhere else. The selection of things available in our shop consists of reminders and tools for becoming a better man — gifts that are both enjoyable and useful, and will last for years to come. Also, it helps support the content we produce here at AoM. Our Art of Manliness Shop Gift Guide for 2019 includes some new products as well as some classic items that have been perennially popular since their debut.

Be sure to peruse the shop at length, as this is not an exhaustive list of the many classic, quality, unique items available.

Black Friday Deals!

  • Many of the items in the store have been discounted up to 30% off. Discounts will last until December 6, 2019 or until inventory runs out, so act fast. Check the Black Friday 2019 section of our store for all discounted items.
  • Use code BLACKFRIDAY2019 at checkout for an additional 10% off your entire order. Discount expires December 6, 2019. One code use per customer.
  • Get free shipping on US orders of $100 or more.

Under-the-Tree Gifts

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword Stationery Kit (30% off!)

We’re big, longtime proponents of handwritten notes here at the Art of Manliness. The physical heft of a letter gives the communication a warmth and significance that email and text just can’t hold a candle to. It’s tangible, it’s personal, it’s thoughtful, and it’s unique. For all these reasons and more, handwritten notes are more powerful than ever.

To help kickstart your letter writing and ensure you always have its requisite tools at hand, we’ve put together the truly one-of-a-kind, second-to-none The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword Stationery Kit, which includes stationery, a fountain pen, a letter opener, and more.

Ben Franklin Virtues Journal (15% off!)

The Ben Franklin’s Virtues Daily Record and Journal combines Franklin’s daily schedule with the self-improvement chart he created for himself as a young man. This exclusive journal provides an individual with an incredible tool to improve his life and develop upstanding character, while also getting him more focused and organized with his day-to-day tasks.

The journal is divided into 13 weeks — one for each of Franklin’s virtues — with each week containing an agenda and journal section for each day.

Gentleman Barbarian T-Shirt (15% off!)

“Over-sentimentality, over-softness, in fact washiness and mushiness are the great dangers of this age and of this people. Unless we keep the barbarian virtues, gaining the civilized ones will be of little avail.” –Theodore Roosevelt

Our Gentleman Barbarian tee will inspire its recipient to ever seek to become the complete man: one who has circumscribed both the soft and hard virtues into a unified whole. On the front, you’ll find a symbol of refined but potent strength; on the back, you’ll find TR’s words of wisdom, a reminder that unless we keep our primal virtues, the civilized ones cannot exist.

Be sure to browse all of our t-shirts; there are 8 designs to choose from. 

Strength and Honor PT Shorts (15% 0ff!)

The Strength and Honor PT short has AoM’s signature “Virtus et Honestas” sword and wings emblazoned on the right leg to inspire its recipient to reach higher and push himself harder. They’re just the right length: shorter than basketball gym shorts, but not as short as ranger panties. They don’t get in the way of deadlifts and power cleans and they just look more grown-up than the typical baggy knee-grazers. Made with lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking material and flexible fabric that moves with your body. 

These are the perfect shorts for any man’s strength-building, honor-inspiring workouts.

Get Action Mug 

Our brand new Get Action mug is made of ceramic and is thick-walled to keep your soups, stews, and beverages hotter, longer. This bad boy weighs in at a hefty 1.3lbs and holds a healthy 15oz. Its vintage-shape and speckled finish is reminiscent of old camping mugs that grizzled cowboys would use on the trail. And the large, three-finger handle makes for comfortable holding even for hands so big and meaty that one alone could span a large cast iron skillet. Features our new logo, which includes 19th century pugilist John L. Sullivan as well as a reminder to always get after it. 

“Anatomical” Dopp Kit

Every man should have a trusty Dopp kit for all his travels and adventures. And he should know how to keep that Dopp kit well-stocked. To help you remember what to put in yours before hitting the road, we’ve taken our popular “Anatomy of the Perfect Dopp Kit” illustrated guide and imprinted it on the lining of a handsome canvas Dopp kit

With a single glance on the bottom of your kit, you can see what you need to pack. On the sides you’ll see these items appear in enlarged form, so that the entire interior serves as a sharp, delight-inducing road map to Dopp kit-ology.

The Illustrated Art of Manliness

The Illustrated Art of Manliness distills more than 100 skills every modern man should know into an entertaining, easy-to-follow illustrated format. We’ve been told this book has proved really popular with kids — so buy a copy for the men-in-the-making in your life! (Though it does have a section about how a dad can be Santa for his kids, so it’s best for children who no longer believe in Jolly Old St. Nick, or you can do what I did, and cut out that particular page with an X-Acto knife.) You can buy copies signed by Brett McKay through the store, and unsigned copies are also available on Amazon.

Stocking Stuffers

Jumpstart Journal (15% off!)

When presented with a totally blank slate — that open journal, with pen in hand, and nothing but white pages — we freeze up. We don’t know what to write about.

Our exclusive Jumpstart Journal removes this barrier by taking care of the what entirely. Inside its pages is a clear roadmap to journaling: 31 prompts — 31 questions that offer guidance as to what to write about that day. This is the perfect gift for the man who’s long wanted to get into the journaling habit, but hasn’t known where to start.

The Pocket Guide to Action (20% off!)

For the man who’s ready to have a better year next year than the one he had this year, and is itching to move on his dreams, get him the The Pocket Guide to Action. It’s packed with wisdom on how to turn one’s abstract intentions into concrete actions, and finally pull the trigger on long-contemplated thoughts and plans. 

Morale Patches

Our 2″ x 3″ velcro-backed morale patches can be affixed to backpacks and duffels to add some manly character and inspiration. Choose from 6 designs. 

“Carry the Fire” Zippo Lighter (20% off!)

Give our “Carry the Fire” Zippo lighter to the man in your life who strives to choose idealism over cynicism, virtue over vice, decency over dereliction, and hope over hopelessness — who carries the fire of goodness and honor and seeks to pass it on to the next generation.

This exclusive lighter is an American-made Zippo 1941 Replica in the vintage style carried by WWII GIs. The lighter sports a silver, brushed chrome exterior onto the front of which “Carry the Fire” has been machine-etched right here in the USA.

Get Action Sweatbands 

Even though they may have been a trend in the 70s, sweatbands really shouldn’t be considered a fad; they’re seriously underrated as functional workout gear! They tame the perspiration dripping down your face, as well as the sweat that drains down your arms. All that, and yeah, these Get Action sweatbands look super fly too. Set includes two wristbands and one headband.

Get Action Pocket Notebooks

Pocket notebooks have a long, important, and manly history, and were part of the personal arsenal of a long list of great men from Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Edison. Our Get Action pocket notebook is the perfect place for a man to jot down all the ideas he plans to turn into realities. The front cover sports our AoM Get Action logo. The inside of the back cover contains Theodore Roosevelt’s admonition to “get action” and not “fritter away your time.”

The Secrets to Power, Mastery, and Truth

The Secrets to Power, Mastery, and Truth, is an anthology of the very best self-improvement essays of singularly gifted writer William George Jordan (1864-1928). He touches on many existential, philosophical, and personal development themes that have recently reemerged as popular principles in our own time, including Stoicism, simplicity, self-reliance, and the paramount importance of living truthfully. 

Each of the essays are short and “devotional” in nature and rich in incisive, edifying insights that will help the reader see his life through a transformative lens. For the individual who seeks greater personal strength and character, sees the pursuit of self-development not as a shallow, superficial lark but a committed, lofty conquest, great treasures lie within.

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