The coronavirus pandemic has forced tens of millions of people to stay home due to shelter-in-place orders and even lockdowns. While supplies of food, water, and other essentials have largely continued undisrupted, if one or more of these services were cut off, what would be the best way to prepare for that kind of emergency?

To answer this question, I talk to friend of AoM and survival expert, Creek Stewart. Creek has dedicated his life to mastering all things survival, spending thousands of hours in the field, authoring numerous articles and books, teaching courses to others, and hosting television shows for the Weather Channel like SOS: How to Survive.

Today, Creek and I talk about what we can learn from the current pandemic about how to shelter-in-place or bug-in, and how to be prepared if this crisis worsens in severity, or we’re one day hit with a more dire disaster. We dive into the different bug-in categories you need to consider, beginning with how much food and water you need for a long-term bug-in situation, and how to properly store it. Creek then talks about what you need to consider in terms of first aid and home defense in a bug-in scenario, and why you also need to think about how to keep yourself entertained.

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Show Highlights

  • Is the pandemic bringing preparedness to mind for more people? 
  • What is “bugging in”? What could cause a bug-in scenario? 
  • How long should people prepare for being sheltered-in-place?
  • The 3 tiers of preparedness 
  • Which categories of survival should you be thinking most about? 
  • Storing water for long-term emergencies 
  • A 3-tiered food preparedness system 
  • The various lessons Creek has taken from his grandpa 
  • Why you need to learn how to actually cook your survival food 
  • First aid in a bug-in scenario 
  • The importance of simply remaining sane 
  • How to think about self-defense for bugging-in 
  • What listeners can do today in light of this pandemic and survival preparedness

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

Connect With Creek

Creek’s website

Willow Haven Outdoor Survival Training

Creek on Instagram

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