In a time when the world is dealing with a pandemic, and many commercial gyms have shut down, interest in creating a gym at home has swelled. Whether working out at home is something you’ve been mulling over for a long time, or that you’ve just started to think about, this show will help you decide if and how to move forward on the idea.

My guest today is Cooper Mitchell, the founder of, a website and social media community dedicated to reviewing personal gym equipment and inspiring people to work out at home.

Coop and I begin our conversation unpacking the many benefits of having a home gym, and also talk about one of its potential downsides. He then explains why it’s generally a big mistake to go all-in, all at once on a home gym, and how he recommends making the transition instead. We then get into exactly what the start-up costs for a home gym are, and how it’s likely less than you think. Coop shares specifics on what he thinks are the essential pieces of equipment to get, the cost breakdown on each, and the companies that manufacture solid equipment at an affordable price. We then turn to the issue of space, and Coop shares the minimum size footprint you’ll need for your gym, as well as solutions if you’re working with a very small area or live in an apartment. We end our conversation with suggestions for exercising even if you have no equipment at all.

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Show Highlights

  • How CrossFit brought about the barbell revolution
  • The numerous benefits of having a home gym vs. a commercial gym membership 
  • What are the downsides of a home gym?
  • The biggest mistakes people make in starting a home gym  
  • Why you shouldn’t ditch your gym membership right away 
  • Specific costs of outfitting a beginner home gym 
  • The items to spend money on, and those you can get on the cheap
  • Can any equipment be done DIY style?
  • What’s the gimmicky equipment to avoid?
  • How much space do you realistically need?
  • Why you shouldn’t buy a treadmill
  • Working out outdoors 
  • The future of home gyms 

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