Have you been feeling doubts about your career recently, or perhaps for quite some time? Maybe you’re not sure if you’re in the right job, or even in the right field, and you can’t figure out if you should try to keep making your current position work, or jump ship to something else.

Then you’ll likely recognize yourself in the stages of career transition my guest will describe. His name is Joseph Liu. He’s a consultant, coach, and speaker who helps people navigate the challenges of switching careers. In his work, he’s seen that there’s a recurring pattern individuals follow when thinking about and making this weighty decision, which he calls the “7 Stages of Career Change.” Today on the show, Joseph walks us through these stages, which begin with Doubt and Dismay and end with Reflection and Relaunch. With each stage, Joseph explains what typically goes through people’s minds, common mistakes that are made, and the best actions to take, which sometimes involves transitioning out of your current career, and sometimes does not. We end our conversation with the considerations to keep in mind if you do decide to make a change.

Show Highlights

  • How do people generally approach career change? What are the common pitfalls? 
  • The difference between changing jobs and changing careers 
  • Why the grass isn’t always greener on the other side 
  • The 7 stages of career change 
  • What does the Doubt stage look like? What mistakes do people make in this stage? 
  • When does Doubt move to Dismay? 
  • Small tweaks you can make before “breaking up” with your job/career 
  • What does the Exhaustion phase look like? What challenges present themselves there?
  • How do you actually make the move to change careers?
  • Why it takes a long time, for most people, to make career changes  
  • What are the 5 broad paths to Relaunch? 
  • Handling the nuts and bolts logistics of career change 
  • Is it really possible to find career nirvana? 

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

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Joseph’s website

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Joseph’s podcast The Career Relaunch

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