How well did you do in completing projects last year? Not just work projects, but also personal projects surrounding family, fitness, or hobbies. If you didn’t accomplish as much as you’d like, then maybe you need to change up your mindset and tactics in the new year.  

My guest today has written a guide to making those changes. His name is Charlie Gilkey and he’s a former Army officer with a PhD in philosophy who’s spent over a decade studying productivity, writing about it on his website Productive Flourishing, and coaching clients in what he’s learned. He now has a book out as well: Start Finishing: How to Go From Idea to Done. Charlie and I begin our conversation going through the most common roadblocks that prevent people from completing their projects, including following other people’s priorities and dealing with what he calls “head trash.” We then discuss how we waste a lot of time doing what Charlie calls “thrashing’ and what we can do to overcome it. We then dig into why you sometimes have to quit things to move forward, how to create effective goals, and why it’s crucial to know which of three levels of success you’re aiming for. We also talk about how to do what Charlie calls “momentum planning” and the importance of creating focus blocks in your schedule. 

Show Highlights

  • Why productivity isn’t really about how much you do
  • The importance of finding the work of your life 
  • Dealing with competing priorities 
  • What is “head trash”?
  • Why planning your day is more of an emotional task than a cerebral task 
  • What defines a project? Why are our lives made up of projects?
  • What are “thrashing” behaviors that people engage in?
  • How to eliminate projects from your life in order to improve it
  • The danger of “should” 
  • Establishing effective goals and recognizing the degrees of success
  • Personal effectiveness vs. community effectiveness 
  • Why “mediocre” goals are okay to strive for
  • What is “momentum planning”?
  • The power of block planning 

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