All of us are a part of teams at work and in our community. Even our families are teams. And most of us serve as both members and leaders of these teams. How then can we be our best in both roles?

My guest today has spent his career gaining on-the-ground answers to this question through his experiences as a Marine and special operator in the military and a leadership trainer of corporate and athletic teams as a civilian. His name is Eric Kapitulik, and he’s the founder of the team and leadership development company The Program and the co-author of a book with the same name.

Today on the show Eric and I take a deep yet punchy dive into the keys of team and leadership development, and how these principles can be applied whether you’re leading a family, a sports team, or a business. We begin our conversation discussing the biggest problems Eric sees in the teams he works with, why resolving most of these issues begins with the definition of core values, and how someone can figure out what their core values are. Eric then explains the difference between goals and standards and why teams should focus more on instilling standards and holding team members accountable to them. We then discuss the difference between being kind and being nice, why leading by example is insufficient, how Eric defines hard work, and the two excuses you need to eliminate from your life.

Show Highlights

  • How and why Eric started The Program 
  • Eric’s experience as a Marine
  • The biggest problems Eric sees with team leadership and cohesion 
  • Figuring out your core values as an individual and as a team
  • How do you ensure that your core values are actually your core values?
  • Using the values of The Program in your family 
  • The difference between standards and goals 
  • The consequences of not living up to standards 
  • Why the problems with “the kids these days” are actually your fault 
  • Why we’re afraid of holding people accountable 
  • Using accountability in a positive way
  • The difference between nice and kind, and why you can’t confuse the two 
  • Why leading by example isn’t enough 
  • What is the ultimate role of a leader?
  • Replacing “hard” with “challenging” in your vocabulary 
  • What does it really mean to “work hard”?
  • Two common excuses that need to be eliminated from your life (and overcoming the excuses people make for you)

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