Walking. It can seem, well, rather pedestrian. 

But my guest today makes the case that walking can act as a gateway to explore memory, meaning, and what it means to be human. His name is Erling Kagge, he’s an adventurer and philosopher, and we had him on the show last year to discuss his book Silence (that’s episode 433). Erling’s latest book is called Walking, and we begin our conversation discussing the connection between bipedal locomotion and silence and how walking instead of driving can help slow down time and deepen our memories. Erling makes the case that embracing voluntary hardship can enrich your life and how walking can be a step towards that. He then shares why going for a walk can help you solve problems, why most great philosophers were also committed walkers, what the Adam and Eve story can teach us about the need for exploration, and how walking can be one of the most radical things you can do in the modern age.

You’ll want to take a walk after listening to this show, or maybe you’ll walk while you’re listening.

Show Highlights

  • How walking changes our sense of time as compared to other modes of transportation
  • What Erling’s walk to the South Pole taught him about time and perception 
  • Why you should intentionally make life a little more challenging
  • Why convenience isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
  • The unnerving statistics about how little the average person moves throughout the day
  • Other famous philosopher-walkers in history 
  • The connection between walking and analytic thinking 
  • How GPS messes with our brain and navigation skills
  • The value of getting lost 
  • Using walking as a transition point — daily, weekly, seasonally 
  • What you can learn about a person from how they walk 
  • What Adam and Eve can teach us about walking and being human 
  • Why happiness doesn’t mean what you think it does (and the value of pain) 
  • Erling’s walking recommendations 

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