If you struggle to lose weight, you may blame an inherently slow metabolism. But is your metabolism really to blame, and can you increase it in order to burn more fat?

Today we tackle these questions and more with Dr. John Berardi, who earned a PhD in exercise physiology and nutrient biochemistry, and is a writer, athlete, coach, and professor, as well as the co-founder of Precision Nutrition and the founder of the Change Maker Academy. John and I begin our discussion with what metabolism is, the components that make it up, how much each element contributes to your body’s energy expenditures, and which can be controlled. We then get into whether or not it’s true that some people have an inherently slow or fast metabolism, and how diet and exercise influences your metabolism, including whether or not dieting itself can slow your metabolism down, and why you might want to consider wearing a weight vest around once you lose body fat. We then discuss how intermittent fasting can increase your metabolic flexibility, whether there are certain foods that boost your metabolic rate, and the best exercise routine for optimizing your metabolism. We also also talk about how stress and sleep effect your metabolic health. We end our conversation with John’s best tips for maintaining optimal metabolic health and losing weight in general.

Show Highlights

  • What is metabolism?
  • What’s the most “expensive” energy expenditure of our day?
  • What is NEAT? What role does it play with your metabolism?
  • How much of your energy is spent on exercise and physical activity?
  • What does science say about “fast” and “slow” metabolism?
  • How can an efficient metabolism cause weight gain?
  • How meal-skipping affects people differently 
  • Diet, weight loss, and metabolism 
  • How easy it is to accumulate extra calories (and how not to obliterate your dieting) 
  • How to nail your exercise to optimize your metabolism 
  • Does increased muscle mass help your metabolism in a noticeable way?
  • The role of stress in your metabolism 
  • Why a sleep deficit torpedos your health in all aspects 
  • Does metabolism really slow with age? Or are other lifestyle factors at play?

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Precision Nutrition

Change Maker Academy

Change Maker book

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