For nearly 400 years, the Comanche tribe controlled the southern plains of America. Even as Europeans arrived on the scene with guns and metal armor, the Comanches held them off with nothing but horses, arrows, lances, and buffalo hide shields. In the 18th century, the Comanches stopped the Spanish from driving north from Mexico and halted French expansion westward from Louisiana. In the 19th century, they stymied the development of the new country by engaging in a 40-year war with the Texas Rangers and the U.S. military. It wasn’t until the latter part of that century that the Comanches finally laid down their arms.

How did they create a resistance so fierce and long lasting?

My guest today explores that question in his book Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History. His name is Sam Gwynne, and we begin our discussion by explaining where the Comanches were from originally and how their introduction to the horse radically changed their culture and kickstarted their precipitous rise to power. Sam then explains how the Comanches shifted from a hunting culture to a warrior culture and how their warrior culture was very similar to that of the ancient Spartans. We then discuss the event that began the decline of the Comanches: the kidnapping of a Texan girl named Cynthia Ann Parker. Sam explains how she went on to become the mother of the last great war chief of the Comanches, Quanah, why Quanah ultimately decided to surrender to the military, and the interesting path his life took afterward.

This is a fascinating story about an oft-overlooked part of American history.

Show Highlights

  • Why does the history of the Comanches get looked over in history classes?
  • The origins of the Comanche people 
  • What the introduction of the horse did for the Comanches 
  • The transition from hunter culture to warrior culture
  • The unique style of Comanche warfare, and their culture of brutal torture
  • How were Comanches organized? Why couldn’t white people figure it out?
  • The Fort Parker raid and the capture of Cynthia Ann Parker
  • The incredible discovery of Cynthia, and why she refused to re-assimilate 
  • How the Texas Rangers became so successful 
  • What led Quanah Parker to ultimately surrender?
  • How did Parker end up as an American celebrity?
  • What Sam ultimately took away from the writing and researching of this book

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