Oftentimes, our ancient brains don’t seem well equipped to deal with the speed and complexities of modernity. The landscape bombards us with perceived threats and problems, and we have trouble not ruminating on them. To navigate this environment, while maintaining our composure and sanity, we need to strengthen our resistance to stress. 

My guest today has written a guidebook to how that’s done. Her name is Dr. Mithu Storoni, and she’s a medical doctor who also holds a PhD in Neuro-ophthalmology, as well as the author of Stress-Proof: The Scientific Solution to Protect Your Brain and Body — and Be More Resilient Every Day. Today on the show we discuss the difference between acute stress and chronic stress and why acute stress can actually be good for you, while chronic stress can change your brain so that you get more stressed out when you experience stress. We discuss how both cortisol and inflammation can actually be beneficial in the right amounts, and how to get them in the right doses — including the particular type of exercise that will best help you recover from stress,  and the role diet and even Tetris can play in managing it. We end our conversation discussing how making time for hobbies can prevent you from falling into the stress trap.

Show Highlights

  • What is stress?
  • What’s the typical approach to stress management?
  • The difference between acute stress and chronic stress
  • How chronic stress lowers our ability to deal with more stress 
  • How stress impacts the physical structure of your brain 
  • The dangers of ruminating on things 
  • Learning how to regulate your emotions 
  • Why Tetris can help your stress (and why it’s sometimes good to distract yourself) 
  • Inflammation — its bad rap, but also its occasional benefits
  • The importance of gut bacteria to your stress and overall health 
  • Getting out of a stress-induced slump 
  • The power of agency 

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