Teddy Atlas was born to a well-respected doctor in a wealthy part of Staten Island. Most kids like him end up going to an Ivy League school to become some sort of white collar professional. Teddy? Teddy dropped out of high school, went to jail, and ended up becoming a trainer to 18 world champion boxers, including heavyweight champion Michael Moore, who defeated Evander Holyfield for the title in 1994.

Today on the show I talk to Teddy about how and why he took the path he did in life. Teddy explains how he ended up boxing under legendary trainer Cus D’Amato, and how Cus guided Teddy towards becoming a trainer himself. Teddy then shares stories of training kids in the Catskills, taking them to unsanctioned amateur fights in the Bronx, and the lessons he learned from boxing and his father about personal responsibility, managing fear, overcoming resistance, and what is means to be a man.

Show Highlights

  • Teddy’s early relationship with his father 
  • How Teddy ended up on the streets as a dropout 
  • How Teddy found boxing
  • The brilliance of Cus D’Amato 
  • The “smokers” of the tough streets of NYC 
  • The importance of a father figure to a troubled young man 
  • What is a champion?
  • Why every man needs to meet resistance 
  • Why it’s harder to quit than it is to fight 
  • How Teddy learned to be a man 

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Connect With Teddy

Teddy’s podcast, The Fight

Teddy on Twitter

Teddy on Instagram

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