All of us will take on leadership roles at some point in our lives. What can you do to ensure your team performs at its highest level?

My guest today argues that it’s all about caring about the people you lead.
His name is Alden Mills. He’s a former Navy SEAL platoon commander and the founder of Perfect Fitness — the company that makes the Perfect Push-up. He’s also written a couple books, including his latest: Unstoppable Teams. Today on the show, Alden and I discuss why caring about your team is the most important thing you can do as a leader. He walks us through what he calls his CARE loop which involves connecting with your team members on an emotional level, giving them autonomy to make decisions, and helping them progress as individuals. Along the way, Alden shares stories from his experience as a SEAL leader and business owner of how to put these principles into action. 

Show Highlights

  • Why leadership starts with leading yourself 
  • How do you figure out what your strengths are as a leader?
  • The Focus-Feel-Act Formula
  • Why Alden almost failed out of BUD/S
  • The CARE Loop 
  • What it looks like for a leader to connect with their followers 
  • The importance of body language in leadership 
  • The 5 A’s to achievement 
  • The value of caring for your followers 
  • How do you show respect as a leader?
  • 3 questions to ask in the midst of a failure 
  • On empowering people 

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

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Alden on Twitter

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