When it comes to your personal presentation, there’s one aspect that often gets overlooked: your voice. 

Your voice is a big part of what makes you, you, and what makes you likable and influential. Yet you probably don’t think too much about it. 

Not to mention, my guest today argues, you’re likely not even using your true voice thanks to bad habits you’ve picked up throughout your life. 

His name is Roger Love, he’s a voice coach who’s worked with some of the world’s most famous singers and speakers, and the author of Set Your Voice Free. Today on the show, Roger explains why having a clear, confident, pleasant speaking voice is important for success in your career and your life, the the biggest ways people sabotage their voice, including voice fry, uptalk, and being nasally, and how these issues can be addressed and eliminated. Roger also shares how to speak in a more masculine way, and why you’re probably not speaking loudly enough. 

Show Highlights

  • Why singing and speaking are basically the same 
  • Why the voice you have is not necessarily the voice you were born with
  • The reason so many people dislike hearing their own voice 
  • The most common vocal bad habits 
  • The rise of uptalk (valley talk), and how it’s different from going up in melody
  • What role does anatomy play in our speaking voice?
  • Why men try to artificially lower their voice, and the physical risks of doing so
  • Brass tacks tips for improving your voice 
  • What is voice fry? Why are people doing it?
  • How to avoid sounding angry 
  • Why people almost always speak quieter than they should 
  • Why you mumble and how to fix it
  • Why your voice is more important than your words 

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