The marathon race is one of sport’s most physically demanding events. To not just complete a marathon to but to compete in the race at its highest levels takes an incredible amount of dedication to training, recovery, diet, and mindset.

My guest today gives us a firsthand look at what that kind of dedication and strategy look like. His name is Jared Ward, and he placed 6th in the marathon at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and 8th in this year’s Boston Marathon. But Jared is more than just a runner — he’s also a coach, a statistics professor at BYU, a husband, and a father of four.

Today I talk to Jared about he balances all those aspects of his life, even as he trains for the 2020 Olympics, and about exactly how he eats, recovers, and programs his workouts. We also discuss how he deals with nerves before big races and stays in a positive mindset while he runs them. We end our conversation with Jared’s advice for amateur runners.

Show Highlights

  • Jared’s entrance into competitive running and marathoning 
  • How Jared balances running, his work as a professor, and being a husband/dad
  • Habits and routines that have helped him keep that balance
  • Jared’s philosophy towards training (and an inside look at his own training) 
  • His cycles of training 
  • Jared’s weightlifting regimen 
  • How Jared recovers, and how that recovery has changed as he’s gotten older 
  • What it really feels like the morning after a marathon 
  • Jared’s diet, and how it fluctuates with his training cycles 
  • Jared’s take on carbs 
  • The mental game  
  • Tips for beginner runners
  • How long does it take to go from beginner runner to marathoner?
  • Is there a common cause to runner’s injuries?
  • The statistics project that Jared turned running times into  

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

Connect With Jared 

Jared on Twitter

Jared on Instagram

Jared’s website

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