In the 21st century, most of our written communication is done through typing on a computer or tapping digital buttons on a smartphone screen. But my guest today argues that we can increase our sense of humanity and our connection to the physical world and to other people by rediscovering the lost art of putting a real pen to real paper.

His name is Michael Sull. He’s a master penman, penmanship instructor, and the author of several penmanship books. Today on the podcast, I talk to Michael about what it takes to become a master penman and what exactly a master penman does for a living. Michael then takes us on a tour of the history of cursive handwriting, including insights into how culture has influenced handwriting styles throughout the ages and why penmanship has declined in the modern day. Michael then makes a case for why people should start writing in cursive again, how to get started with improving your handwriting, and why there’s nothing like getting a handwritten note in the mail. 

Show Highlights

  • How does a Master Penman become a Master Penman?
  • What does Michael actually do as a Master Penman? What does the work entail?
  • How Michael became so interested in handwriting 
  • Has the demand for hand lettering increased in recent years?
  • When did handwriting start taking on its fancy flourishes? Was it ever more basic?
  • How the various styles of handwriting differ 
  • How various cultural moods and movements affected how people wrote 
  • Why a man’s signature used to be of great importance 
  • Efficiency in handwriting, or what Michael calls “info writing” 
  • Why you should take pride in your penmanship 
  • The benefits of writing things by hand 
  • The importance of kids learning handwriting 
  • Practices to improve your penmanship 

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