Does your family life feel frantic?

Does it seem like every week you and your wife are scrambling to manage all the stuff that’s going on like school and community activities, extracurriculars, social engagements, and home maintenance?

Perhaps what you need to do is apply some of the strategies that help businesses get organized to your family life. That’s the argument my guest makes in his book The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family. His name is Patrick Lencioni and he’s a business consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Today on the show, we discuss how the questions he asks his corporate clients to provide clarity and direction to their businesses can also provide clarity and direction at home.

Pat unpacks his 3 questions, and explores how vital it is to create a sense of context, mission, and purpose for your your family, why every family needs a rallying cry, and how to actually implement the principles we discuss in your family’s life. If you want to start leading your family in living intentionally, instead of staying in reactive mode, this is the show for you.

Show Highlights

  • When did Patrick realize that his business consulting principles could help families run a little better and more smoothly?
  • Why does family life feel so frantic these days? Was it like this in the past?
  • Why families need context, and questions to ask to figure out that context 
  • How to NOT go about coming up with family values 
  • What is a family strategy? How does that make families unique?
  • The importance of intentionality in making decisions regarding your family life
  • Why a family needs a unifying rallying cry 
  • How to keep the daily stuff operating smoothly while still being focused on big picture objectives  
  • How a single sheet of paper can keep your family on track 
  • Why you — the fella — should take the lead in planning dates and these strategic conversations

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