To move forward in life, we typically focus on finding answers. But my guest today argues we should spend more time asking questions. His name is Warren Berger, and he’s a self-described “questionologist” and the author of The Book of Beautiful Questions: The Powerful Questions That Will Help You Decide, Create, Connect, and Lead. We begin our conversation discussing why having an inquisitive mindset is more important than ever in this fast changing, uncertain world of ours, but why people are afraid to ask questions. Warren then argues that questions don’t necessarily need to have answers to be useful and explains what he thinks makes a question a “beautiful question.” Warren then talks through the importance of asking questions when you’re trying to make decisions, be creative, form relationships, and lead people, while providing concrete examples of questions to ask yourself and others to be more effective in each domain.

Show Highlights

  • How can asking more and better questions improve our life?
  • The value of an open and curious mind 
  • What holds people back from asking questions?
  • Why knowing more should actually lead to questioning more 
  • Are there such things as stupid questions?
  • What makes for a beautiful question?
  • Using questions to make better decisions 
  • How questions can change our perspective and framing of problems 
  • Why we give better advice to our friends than ourselves 
  • How asking questions can boost your creativity 
  • What adults can learn from kids about creativity 
  • How questions bolster relationships 
  • Can good questions build bridges across political divides?
  • Why leaders need to ask more questions

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

Connect With Warren

A More Beautiful Question website

Warren on Twitter

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