First responders and members of the military have physically and mentally demanding jobs. To tackle those jobs effectively, they need to be in shape physically and mentally. But most first responders have erratic schedules that make working out difficult, so that many don’t, and consequently suffer from injuries and poor health. My guest today is a former Navy SEAL on a mission to solve that problem. His name is Adam La Reau, and he’s the founder of O2X, an organization dedicated to training tactical athletes.

Adam walks us through the unique challenges soldiers and first responders have when it comes to physical fitness and explains his philosophy on training “tactical athletes.” We then discuss insights civilians can take away from how first responders train, including making time for working out on an erratic schedule, managing stress, and making recovery a priority.

We end our conversation discussing the other organization Adam founded called One Summit, which pairs children who have cancer with a Navy SEAL mentor who helps the kids gain greater resilience through rock climbing.

Show Highlights

  • How Adam went from the Merchant Marine to the SEALs
  • Why Adam then decided to get his Master’s degree 
  • Why there was a need for an organization like O2X 
  • The unique fitness requirements of first responders/military personnel 
  • The sleep problems that come with irregular work schedules
  • 3 pillars of O2X’s philosophy 
  • The fitness methodology that Adam uses with clients 
  • Why goals and routines need to be realistic, first and foremost
  • The importance of recovery and relaxation, and why that’s hard for these tactical athletes
  • The work Adam is doing with kids who have cancer 

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One Summit

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