How you start something is often how you finish it, and that couldn’t be truer than for the trajectory of each of your days. When your mornings feel chaotic, rushed, and fragmented, the rest of your day often does too. But when you start off with a centering, invigorating morning routine, that feeling follows you the rest of the day.

If you’ve been wanting to improve or simply start your own morning routine, then this episode is for you. My guest is Benjamin Spall and he’s the co-author of the book My Morning Routine, which shares insights taken from the morning routines of dozens of entrepreneurs, leaders, and creative folks.

On today’s show, Benjamin walks us through how to craft the perfect morning routine, including how to make time for it in your schedule, what activities to include, and how a successful morning routine starts with what you do the night before. We also discuss how to adjust your morning routine while traveling and when you have kids. Along the way, Benjamin gives us a peek at the morning routines of several influential people to give us some inspiration for our own routines.

Lots of actionable advice in this episode on creating a morning routine that works for you and sets you up for a productive day. 

Show Highlights

  • Is there one common template for a good morning routine?
  • Why you have a routine even if you don’t think you do
  • Do successful people wake up early? 
  • The average wake-up time for people profiled in the book
  • What do successful people do immediately after waking up?
  • Things to do in the morning to set yourself up for a productive day
  • The importance of having a fitness routine (no matter the time of day)
  • Why a good morning starts the night before
  • How to plan your day (without hitting your email inbox)
  • What’s the role of meditation in successful people’s morning routines?
  • What about journaling?
  • Is there a right length of time for the perfect morning routine?
  • How do people adjust for kids?
  • How do you maintain routines when you’re away from home?
  • Why you need to have some flexibility with your routines
  • How Benjamin’s morning routine changed/improved in the course of this project
  • One thing to do starting today to make your morning better

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

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Benjamin on Twitter

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My Morning Routine website  

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