Do you feel like you’re putting your nose to the grindstone and working longer and longer hours, but not getting anywhere with your career? My guest today makes the case that if you want to be a top performer and advance in your job, you need to start working smarter instead of harder.

His name is Morten Hansen and in his book Great at Work, he highlights his groundbreaking, exhaustive analysis on top performers and shares his “7 Work Smarter Practices” that can maximize your job performance, without necessarily requiring you spend more time at it.
Today on the show, Morten explains why top performers concentrate on fewer things, but obsess more about them, as well as the optimal number of hours to be working each week. He then shares some advice on how to convince your boss to limit the number of irons you’ve got in the fire. We then discuss a practice Morten called “the one thing” that will elevate your skills, why you shouldn’t pursue a job based on passion alone, why the best collaborations involve a bit of heated debate, and why you need to find more time to work alone. 
This show busts a bunch of myths as well as offers a lot of really interesting insights that you can put into practice. 

Show Highlights

  • Morten’s principle of “do less, then obsess” 
  • How to obsess about the right things 
  • Using value metrics vs internal metrics 
  • How do converse with your boss about taking things off your plate?
  • How to manage up, and how to say no to your boss 
  • The perfect amount of hours in a week to work to perform your best 
  • Why a great career and a fulfilling personal life aren’t mutually exclusive 
  • How top performers continue to learn on the job 
  • The role of passion vs. meaning in your career 
  • Why collaboration isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and the case for working alone more often
  • Why niceness isn’t a formula for success in collaborating 

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