If you could choose one word to describe how you’d like to live your life this year what would it be?

Would it be confident, focused, brave, balanced or something completely different?

It didn’t take me long to figure out mine. In fact, after my last post about Stepping into the Unknown it was obvious.

After the latter part of last year feeling off kilter and constricted, both in a physical and emotional sense, I’m ready to embrace the change and challenges of a new year.

My word, my theme, for this year is OPEN.

This photo above was taken a year ago but it epitomises how I feel today. My hand splint is off and I intend to reach out to whatever lies beyond.

In 2019 I am:

Open to walking through those doors when they appear

Open to new experiences and adventures

Open to saying yes to more opportunities and risks, even when they feel scary

Open to trusting in the powers of the Universe

Open to my heart expanding and allowing love in, especially self love.

Open to trusting my vision and giving myself the freedom to fail

Open to change and the unexpected turns in the road

Open to reaching out and encouraging others through my writing

Open to my dream of creating my own magazine

This photo was taken on New Years Day, opening up my new Gratitude Journal to day one of 2019.

It’s blank here but slowly each page is filling with gratitudes and musings.

Every day we wake up is a chance to begin a new chapter and script our story. We might not be able to control all the outcomes but we can allow space for the wonder and the divine play of life to tease us with opportunities.

What will your word be in 2019?

Choose a word that will challenge you to evolve and push past any self imposed limitations, enabling you to live your best life.

Along with your word and your intentions, I wish you peace, joy and a heart fuelled with passion and purpose.

May the year ahead surprise and delight you amongst your wildest imaginings.

Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.

In love and light as we continue the journey.

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Let your dreams unfold like a beautiful flower

Me today (Sunday 6 Jan) near Marysville, open and ready


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