Ghana to Sierra Leone

Hope you’ll forgive my intermittent absences over the next eight weeks. Poor John and I are off on another adventure. I’m writing from Singapore on the way to Accra, Ghana.

A map of the basic overland itinerary is above, although Burkino Faso has recently been omitted because of escalating unrest there.

Here’s a link to the initial trip. This is the second time we’ve travelled in West Africa on the back of a truck. In case, you’re wondering, we’ll be camping again. My backpack, including roll mat and sleeping bag, weighs 12 kilos. Poor John’s weighs 14, but he’s carrying the laundry and coffee supplies.

The second leg of the trip—Freetown to Dakar—was full, so we’ll cover some of that distance by taxi and a flight.

No idea how much internet I’ll have, so I apologise in advance for all the posts I won’t have a chance to like or comment on. I’ll try to post as often as possible. Life will be back to ‘normal’ toward the end of April.

The map below gives you an idea of just how huge Africa is compared to the rest of the world. We’ll be travelling along the part overlaid by some of the map of the United States.

Size of Africa compared to the rest of the world

Size of Africa compared to the rest of the world

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