Laundry day at the Comoé River

Laundry day at the Comoé River

Ivory Coast ferry

Ferry arrives to collect us

Soon after leaving Comoé National Park in the northeast part of the Ivory Coast, we came upon an unexpected speed bump in the road. Actually not a real speed bump, but a river crossing—by ferry.

It hadn’t shown up on the GPS, but there it was in front of us. And the place was busy.

When we arrived, the ferry was on the other side of the river, and both sides were filled with women doing laundry. They were gathering water from the river and washing in large tubs. Clean clothes were draped over bushes or on the ground to dry. One family was heading home—three on the motorcycle and the finished laundry on her head.

Coming to the river to do laundry, Ivory Coast

Coming to the river to do laundry

Gathering water for laundry, Ivory Coast
Drying laundry, Ivory Coast
Heading home, Ivory Coast

Within a few minutes, the ferry was being hand cranked over to pick us up. Once the truck was on board, all the passengers loaded. It took four fellows to lever the ferry on its way. Several others cranked us over to the other side.

No fee was posted but I think Adam and Jason, our drivers and guides, paid about 5000 CWA (or about A$12.50).

Levering a ferry
Hand-cranking a ferry

P.S. We’re heading west a little later this morning and will spend four days bush camping. I love your comments, but don’t expect me to reply for quite a few days.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my cooking blog. Here’s a recipe for scrambled eggs with onion that we made for breakfast the other day when we were the cook group.

Truck boarding ferry

All aboard

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