lightning in Canberra

Local photographer Glenn Martin captures the spectacular lightning last night north of Canberra

Indi, our standard schnauzer, may watch television, but she can’t cope with thunder and lightning. She’s not thrilled about fireworks either. We’ve had several noisy thunderstorms over the last 10 days or so. Most have come at night which means she jumps on the bed to be comforted.

Last week I decamped to the single bed in Libby’s room and took the dog with me. Last night she was a wreck, and Poor John decamped to Libby’s room. Indi stayed with me.

Thanks to a post on Facebook, I know what really set her off last night. A bit after midnight, local photographer, Glenn Martin, took himself to the top of Mount Ainslie (not far from our house) to capture about 100 shots of the ‘sound and light’ performance.

Mother Nature sure knows how to put on a show. Martin sure knows how to record it.

P.S. I hadn’t known of Martin’s work before, but you can be sure I’ll follow it now. All of his prints are available for sale.

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