taking a picture of a Campbell monkey

Taking a picture of a Campbell monkey isn’t always easy

A few years back, Libassa Ecolodge, Beach and Lagoon Resort opened Liberia’s first (and only) animal sanctuary. It’s mission is to protect animals that have been orphaned or have been cruelly or illegally kept.

The sanctuary strives to return as many of its residents as possible to the wild, but provides ongoing care for those that cannot survive on their own. For example, some birds can no longer fly and there’s a blind crocodile (probably lost its sight in a fight).



We were there about feeding time. While most of the animals are caged for their own protection, some are allowed to roam free. I found out first-hand that it’s hard to take pictures of a Campbell monkey.

Tours of the sanctuary are offered daily with Jason, a British naturalist, conducting the visits. Admission is $5 per person and helps to support the operation. I haven’t added captions to every photo, mostly because I’m no sure of the right species names.


Small buffalo

P.S. Libassa is about 30 minutes east of Monrovia, Liberia’s capital. The day we left the resort, we spotted a mistreated chained chimpanzee on the west side of Monrovia (near the port). We called the sanctuary to let them know and are still waiting to see if they were successful in rescuing it.

Campbell monkey

Finally captured a pic of the Campbell monkey

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