She was a pink haired, wonder lusting advocate for living life to the fullest. Forever inspiring me, and countless others, with her high spirited love of adventure and all things colourful, choosing magic and following her bliss.

For those who didn’t know her, Minaxi was a beautiful, unique individual who weaved her own brand of magic way through her words and pics. Aside from her sparkling personality she was also an advocate for female rights (“wonder women” she called us) and equality for all, regardless of race, colour or creed.

One of her greatest gifts was her desire and passion to spread positivity and love. Despite battling her own demons of depression, especially this past year, Minaxi had a special ability to uplift and inspire others. She loved the man in her life Vishnu, she loved her friends and she loved her road trips.

That’s how I met her, through her blog here on WordPress HolidaysandHappilyEverAfters. We instantly connected and our friendship continued on Insta. We exchanged many texts and conversations and I considered her my friend.

When I heard the news today it guttered me. When I saw the photo of their happy smiling faces I was in shock. Minaxi, my vibrant, pink haired fellow adventurer, who waltzed with words and captivated me with her colourful images, was gone.

She’d left this world as she’d lived it, taking chances and living life to the max. She died with the man she loved.

I’m still barely comprehending how two young vibrant lives could be gone so instantly and tragically.

I never expected this and, like many others no doubt, am still trying to get my head around it.

Then an unexpected distraction.

Two magpies landed on my decking. I haven’t seen any here for ages. As I stepped outside they looked at me and at each other. The timing was uncanny and I felt they were there for a reason.

I rushed inside to grab my phone but when I returned they were still there, as though waiting for me. They flew up on the roof and I captured a short video. Then they flew off.

They left me in tears yet with a profound sense of peace.

I looked up the symbolism of magpies and, with goosebumps, read that “seeing two magpies equals joy in union.”

So, amid this tragedy, I have to believe that Minaxi and Vishnu, you are both in a better place. I believe with my whole heart that you’re looking down on us and telling us you’re at peace.

Perhaps you’re telling us to live our dreams and not to wait until tomorrow to find our joy.

Or maybe you’re telling us to shine our light, just as you shone yours on the world you left behind.

Today it shines a little less brightly.

Rest In Peace my wonder lusting sparkling friend. You will be missed but never forgotten.

Just like the two magpies you’ve flown away, to the ultimate magical destination. May you forever shine your light from heaven.

In light and love 🙏


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