Milk truck

That’s the milk truck just after delivering milk and eggs to my house

The coronavirus and its resulting disease—COVID19—have brought out the worst in people when it comes to shopping for daily needs.

I mean how many rolls of toilet paper does a person need? I rather like the joke that says your IQ is 150 less the number of toilet rolls you have at home. Based on that, my IQ is 140 and will increase by one point every four or five days.

Other ‘hot’ items for hoarding include hand sanitiser, tissues, paper towels, meats, pasta, pasta sauces, rice, milk and eggs.

Milk and eggs

Milk and free-range eggs—only 250 chickens per hectare

Luckily most supermarkets have implemented a sort of you-can’t-bring-it-back-because-you-bought-too-much policy. Plus, they are so swamped now that they have severely limited their home delivery services. A person needs to apply and be accepted to get a delivery. Mostly reserved for the elderly and/or disabled.

I usually have a well-stocked pantry and haven’t really had to venture into the supermarkets. So I have to brag just a bit. My milk and eggs are home delivered. Canberra still has two milk trucks that serve a handful of suburbs. We’re one of them. How cool is that!

And I have to share this toilet paper cartoon. My thanks to the person who created this. I wish I knew who you were!


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