Grand Canyon, USA

Good view, big drop

One of the things that irks me most—whether travelling or at home—is how people assume that rules don’t apply to them.

I see it almost every day.

The most infuriating offence is a person who pulls into a disabled car space and then quite ably hops out to dash into the chemist’s or post office. When Poor John’s Aunt Esther lived with us (from age 89 to 97), I’d hop out of the car and let the offender know that’s why I couldn’t park in the only disabled slot in the local carpark.

Grand Canyon, USA

Get that selfie

There are plenty of other minor offences. Such as the car in front of me that does a U-turn at the sign that says ‘No U-Turn’. Or the person who plants their dirty boots on the bus seat opposite them, and under the sign that says you shouldn’t put your feet on the seats.

Of course, those behaviours reflect thoughtlessness. Every now and then you see the behaviours that stem from pure stupidity or maybe a death wish.

There were plenty of examples of that in the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon, USA

Grand Canyon, USA

Looking down from the rim. It’s a long way down

I’ll be posting many more pics of this amazing canyon (including some from the air), but I wanted to share these images of people who have climbed fences—that are emblazoned with warnings about how dangerous the cliffs are—simply to get ‘that’ picture.

No idea if any of them fell, but I’ve read that each year two or three people die in the Grand Canyon after over-the-rim falls. In most places the drop is about 300 feet.

As an aside, two fellows (Ghiglieri and Myer) have produced a book, Over the edge: death in Grand Canyon, that has accounts of all known fatal mishaps in this famous landmark.

So what thoughtless/stupid behaviours really irk you?

P.S. Not all the pics have captions.

Grand Canyon, USA

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