Bougainvillea in Taipei Taiwan

A sea of colourful bougainvillea

Flower market Taipei Taiwan

Plants and gourds to hang

Decorations, Taipei Taiwan flower market

Red decorations

What do you do with a huge expanse of concrete beneath a busy highway overpass in the capital of Taiwan? With a bit of lateral thinking, you can turn it into a popular flower market.

On our first full day in Taipei and, in the absence of rain, we headed off on foot to visit the Jianguo Holiday Flower Market that is open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Flower market Taipei Taiwan

Edible options

It’s heaven for anyone who loves to garden or who simply wants to brighten their home.

In addition to a wide range of flowers, plants, trees and bonsai, people can buy all the gardening extras. There are plenty of artificial flowers, seeds, gardening tools, soils, pots, fish, pebbles, decorations and more.

Poinsettias in Taipei Taiwan flower market

Tending the poinsettias

Bamboos and more

Bamboo options

Orchids in Taipei, Taiwan

Orchids grow well in this part of the world

Poinsettias—the colourful plant that says Christmas—were widely available. One shop was selling ready-made and custom-made Christmas decorations and bouquets, but we didn’t see any Christmas trees on offer. 

There was a huge temptation to buy something but, of course, we couldn’t take anything living back to Australia. That said, we did buy two sprays of orchids to brighten the apartment where we’re staying. They’ll do for a Christmas tree.

Flower market Taipei Taiwan

Everything in garden supplies

I reckon the market is well worth a visit. It’s open from 9am to 6pm and is located under the Jianguo elevated highway, and between Xinyi and Jianguo South Roads. The Jade Holiday Market is under the next expanse of overpass. We visited that too. Plenty of jade, gems, jewellery, statues, pottery, porcelain, pendants, trinkets and tea items to choose from, but long ago we stopped buying lots of souvenirs.

Bonsai, Flower market Taipei Taiwan

Bonsai in many sizes

Flower market Taipei Taiwan

You can even buy a tree

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