A barren land
echoes in stillness
dust rises up
to meet a hued canvas.

In the distance
I see more of it
a vast expanse
consuming all my senses.

A sense of solitude
purifying, soaking
as nature reigns supreme
rejuvenating and recalibrating.

There is no lack
when wide open spaces
seeps into your soul
and renders you at its mercy.

Uluru in darkness (800x600)

Road tripping across the outback last year was the epitomy of Emptiness. Those infinite horizons and long dusty red earth roads that I wrote about in my last post was an adventure into the surreal. When I saw the theme of emptiness this week I couldn’t resist sharing some more words and pics.

Nothingness (1)

Before the trip I wondered how I would feel on those wide open, empty roads. Would I feel lonely, apprehensive, daunted?

I felt none of the above. In fact it was the opposite, I felt more alive than ever. When we crossed unfamiliar territory in the middle of nowhere it was like finding the best of myself.

Just like an artist languishing in front of a blank sheet of paper, before inspiration finally strikes.

Emptiness at Middleton

It’s in moments of solitude and stillness, when we connect to nature, that we often discover awakened passion and a burst of creativity.

Horizon on the Hilton (800x600)

In a landscape of emptiness lies infinite abundance and spaciousness. It’s all in our mindset and perspective.

It’s space to savour the stillness and let go of the busy-ness, expectations and stresses of the world, at least temporarily.

Middleton3 Horizon

A lack of distraction allows us to focus on just being.

Emptiness, a form of nothingness, is not necessarily a negative connotation. It’s like looking at the big picture, a sort of meditation and spaciousness that we all need from time to time.

In whatever form it takes, big sky, red earth, unending horizons, it’s space to find yourself. It’s like roads yet explored, new opportunities waiting to be taken.

Signs in the Outback

If there’s emptiness in your life, don’t fight it. See it as untapped potential, a cup waiting to be filled, a canvas waiting to be drawn, an empty sheet of paper waiting for the right words of inspiration.

“That emptiness inside you. Burn it as fuel.”

Love and light as we continue the journey.

In response to Pic and a Word Challenge: Emptiness


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