It’s that time of the year again, the Bloggers Bash Awards and, as my blog has been nominated in Best Lifestyle Blog Category, I thought it was the perfect time to say ‘thank you’ and to reflect on my blogging journey so far.

My blog was always intended to be a bit of a travel journal but after four years I can see how it’s evolved. These days it’s about more than simply travel but then again, Outanabout always was such an open ended name.

My motto Outanabout loving life sums it up. Blogging has definitely changed the way I look at life and made me more mindful. Older and wiser perhaps! Though it’s not all sunshine and road trips, at 53 I consider myself extremely blessed.

This year’s been a roller coaster one so far and, though I’ve not been as active lately, due to personal family issues taking priority, I’m still loving it all.

Thank you so much to all of you, my readers and fellow bloggers. Many of you have become real life friends along the way.

Last weekend I had the chance to meet up again with the lovely Glenys from Caravan Correspondent, a fellow adventurer and freelance writer, in Melbourne for a family weekend.

It’s these real life connections and shared interests that make writing and sharing our lives so special. I feel grateful to be part of an amazing community of writers and artists.

I have plans to share much more in the future: I’ll take you along with me camping virtually and I’ll share my thoughts on living life to the max and mindfully, appreciating the joys and yep, even the not-so-good stuff along the way. There’ll be changes too as I ramp things up.

My aim is to transport you and inspire a bit of dreaming, whether that’s further afield or just around the corner.

After all, that’s often where the best stories are made. Simply being out and about.

In Macedon over the weekend. “The whole point is to live life and be – to use all the colours in the crayon box.” RuPaul

The Bloggers Awards close on 24 April. If you’d like to show your support head on over to the Bloggers Voting Page where you’ll find all the categories. Great chance to vote for your favourite bloggers and hopefully cast one for moi too!

So, a big thanks for being here and I look forward to more writing, reading and sharing stories. Regardless of the outcome of the Awards, the blogging continues for all of us and so does the inspiration. To me that makes us all winners.

In love and light as we continue the journey together

“I’ve found that if you love life, life will love you back.” Arthur Rubenstein

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