You are the creator of your own life and this is a great work of art. It’s time to write a new chapter”.

So says the quote on today’s page of my Gratitude Journal. Can you resonate?

Has anyone else felt a bit of a shift? Perhaps the stars and planets are aligned. As I write this, here in Melbourne, it’s Thursday the first day of August and it’s a new moon which equates to new beginnings.

I feel it in the air. I’ve felt the excitement building all month.

A week ago I saw this hot air balloon flying over my home

Looking back at how July began, I’m so grateful I made the decision to begin a six month personal development course. It was a big leap of faith and I’ll admit I was scared shitless, jumping into the unknown. But it’s felt like a springboard, diving into a new version of me.

It’s given me focus, momentum, new energy and the drive to improve my mind. Already I feel more open and expansive to new possibilities.

I love that I have a vision and a plan in my mind to draw on. There’s no definitive “destination” but I’m loving the journey and isn’t that what life’s all about.

Speaking of journeys, I’ve been on a few this month, some close to home and a few further away.

Just a couple of weeks ago we travelled to Paynesville on the Gippsland lakes, (close to my hometown) where I was commissioned to write a story, exciting in itself! 

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might recall our adventures. Our days consisted of meeting the locals (aka the native wildlife) on Raymond Island, exploring the lakes, by boat and on foot, and immersing ourselves in the unhurried lifestyle.

Most recently I’ve returned from four days up on the Murray doing some “research” on the Winter Bluesfest, one of Australia’s biggest music festivals. With 60 artists in 31 venues, there was a lot of music!

In the photo below, (courtesy of Instagram) we’re fortunate to be in the front row for a dinner show to see the amazing Nardia perform. She’s backed Adele, Pink and Beyoncé.

It was an amazing long weekend and I came back on a complete high. So much inspiration from this weekend and all our trips away. It’s keeping me very busy.

As we enter August I wish you:

Abundance: Look around and give thanks for all you have in your life, even the smallest things.

Adventure: Take that trip and enjoy time away from the ordinary. Don’t put off doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

Aliveness: Live mindfully and joyfully. Graciously embrace all that each new day brings.

Adaptability: Be flexible and kind to yourself. Not every day goes as planned but we can learn to shift our focus when crappy thoughts and situations take hold.

Awareness: Everything passes, both good and bad, so pay attention to what feels good so you can build on energy that serves you. Likewise, be aware of when you have negative thoughts so you can boot them out.

Allowing: Allow the joy to come in. So much has opened up in my life since I’ve let go of old beliefs. Be open to exploring and embracing what you love and allow the bliss to flood in.

I know that’s a lot of As. Let me end with two more, sent from the heart.

Have an awesome, AMAZING August.

It’s time to write the next chapter of our story.

In light and love

Sunrise over my backyard a few weeks ago. Let each day be the beginning of a new chapter

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