“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu

I love that quote, it’s so apt at the moment, as the lead up to Christmas has been such a change of pace for me.

This year has whizzed by. It’s brought plenty of challenges, joys and disappointments, however the past month or so has felt like a time warp.

Most of you know the bike ride challenge I was to take part in didn’t happen due to my injury and subsequent hand surgery. However, instead, something else challenged me.

Chatting to riders camped on the Great Vic Bike Ride
Chatting to riders camped on the Great Vic Bike Ride

The past month has been an enforced slow down period. Not being able to drive myself or do many of the every day things I take for granted has made me take stock of where I’m at.

Even trying to blog, using one finger to type on my phone and put together these last few posts has been challenging.

Christmas planning this year has been done more thoughtfully and minimalistically.

Our tree is silver and small instead of big and bold. It’s simple and I love it.

Outside the garden is overgrown and wild but I know in time, and with effort, it will change again. Seasons come and seasons go.

I’ve learnt how to wash my hair one handed and I’ve mastered the art of eating with less dexterity and mindfully. Ah, the small things.

In the kitchen Doug has stepped up to the role of head chef with unexpected vigour. He’s concocted Masterchef quality meals that make me think he missed his true vocation.

Slow and steady

No, he’s not cooked me snails! But there are days when I feel as slow as one.

What’s with all the rushing anyway? It’s stressful and way too consuming.

Direction is much more important than speed.

Slow down, enjoy the lead up to Christmas and remember that joy is found in moments when we’re fully present and doing what we love. Try some of these:

Connect yourself to your surroundings.

Enjoy a walk in nature.

Set aside quiet reading time.

Engage fully with people.

Do a random act of kindness.

Journal, listen to music, relax.

Ease up on the shopping frenzy and make your own gifts.

Keep it simple and trust the process.

Take a deep breath and just be.

Be grateful.

2018 has been a time of growth and learning and filled with lessons that I know will continue into next year. Yet every day I wake up is a blessing and every dawn brings new possibilities.

I recently read a post by a long time blogger friend Weird Guy with the Dog that resonated so deeply I want to include part of it here:

Mornings hold so much promise to me. Another day to make things better, another chance to get it right. When I wake up to the sunrise, I feel the urge to make this day the best it can be regardless of the circumstances that befall my path. Every day I wake up is a blessing, every chirping bird a song from heaven placed into my mind when I stop to let it sink in. People are in such a rush today they miss the moments that really matter. Life is so precious you have to make every moment count.

May your greatest challenge right now be in finding plenty of slow time to savour what’s important.

Remember, your dreams don’t have an expiration date.

In light and love

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