How can we be at peace in a time filled with so much uncertainty? How do we balance the need to keep informed with the massive amount of fear based mis-information that threatens to overwhelm us.

Who would have ever imagined such an enforced pause on the busy-ness of life, that cities everywhere would go quiet, like the volume of the world has turned off. Life as we know it has stopped.

There’s no doubt these are dark days.

This was last Sunday, about 4pm

As a freelance writer working from home for the past few years, I’ve become used to a fairly quiet way of living, but nothing could have ever prepared me for this.

We’re living through a historic time of human evolution. As everything closes down around us and the outer world is turned upside down, our inner world seems to be taking precedence.

Do you feel the shift of energy? Something bigger than ourselves. We all feel the same emotions, love, fear, anger, passion, humility, compassion, hope, grief, uncertainty, all of it.

There are no borders for this virus. For the whole world, the entire planet, to be living through this crisis tells us we’re in the midst of something new. And huge.


Surrender doesn’t mean giving up. It means to accept what is right now and going within. The earth is changing as we’re being forced to rest. It’s renewing itself. We have the opportunity to do the same.

What a gift we have, if we choose to see it like that.

This is the same sky, two hours later

Don’t get me wrong. Like everyone, all around the world, I’m scared, worried for the future. And I feel lonely. I miss my family and friends. I miss hugging them and feeling their physical presence. I get pissed off and some days it all feels surreal. But I also know this time will pass. And whatever happens we’ll get through it.

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” Sonia Ricotte

So in April, and the days, weeks and months ahead, I’m going to nurture my patch, both my inner and outer, so when the time comes, we can rejoin the world and move to a higher joy and consciousness.

And as much as we’ve withdrawn and had to isolate ourselves, social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distancing.

Our relationships continue with others, even though we’re not physically present. We feel that when we read each other’s blogs. And when we reach out to others, via our phones, zoom or Skype. Connecting and staying in contact is so important.

Yes, the world has paused, but birds still visit. Our hearts still beat. The sun rises each morning. The world is alive and beauty is still there, all around us. We can choose to lean into it.

Don’t think too far ahead. Plan for the foreseeable future and make sure you have enough supplies but don’t go crazy hoarding or project what we don’t know.

Instead have a vision for what you want. See it in your mind.

Nature knows the way. She’s shedding old ways, like these trees close to home I walk past.

Feel the love that’s emerging and trust in your heart that there’s a purpose in all of this. And make use of this slow down time.

At the end of this, whenever that may be, I hope we can look back and say, “this is what I did with my time. I made it count.”

For me, routine is important. I’m up by 9, dressed and good to go, even though I’m going nowhere. I head out for a local walk with Harry, past the wetlands, then home again.

Amongst the usual household chores, I make sure there’s stuff in my days that lights me up.

Embracing the light
A past photo. Adventure lights me up but so does writing

So, amongst the writing and journaling, I’ve made a commitment to create my book. It’s one I’ve envisaged for years, spurned from my blog. It’s taking shape, one page at a time. Why has it taken me so long to start it?

I’ve dusted off my guitar. I’m enjoying virtual dance parties, online concerts by my favourite artists and Zumba classes by zoom. Last week I re-oiled the front decking. My garden and backyard has become my sanctuary.

Our world might feel restricted and turned upside down, but I believe there’s a purpose in all of this and a new world waiting on the other side. A more compassionate and kind one where we don’t take things and people for granted.

Silver linings are there. These reflections on my morning walk remind me that our acts, what we feel and the words we say mirror into the world.

Let that be kindness and love.

Through social media now we can see outpourings of love and compassion and the way humanity is uniting. My belief is that we’ll come out the other side of this stronger, more resilient and much more grateful for the comforts we possess.

But it won’t be easy. Lately my dreams are vivid and I’m remembering them. Some are disturbing and just plain weird.

I’m selective about what I read, enough to be kept up to date and informed but when fear starts to take over I turn it off. I listen to uplifting podcasts and YouTube videos. I meditate. I’m starting to declutter lots of shit.

My focus is on ‘now’ but I’ll also write and reminisce on past trips and look ahead to new ones for when this madness is over.


Oh and I coloured my hair at home the other week. Pandemic or not, a woman still has to look and feel good, even if no one else can see!

This experience will change us all. It will change the way we live and the entire world … and I believe that, one way or another it will be for the better.

The earth will thank us after this rest. Things will be different. Perhaps we’ll be a more unified human race, one that will operate more from faith than fear, from compassion and acceptance.

So, how do we find peace? Is it simply by making friends with the stillness and the present moment. I guess it’s always our choice.


Breathe. Accept what is. Trust in a bigger picture. Everything will flow from that.

Sit in the great unknown as you prepare to Awaken.

The world is waking up at a rate that can’t be ignored or denied. As humanity gets off the hamster wheel and we relax into the quiet and deep healing perhaps at the same time Mother Earth can replenish.

We’re discovering a slower way of living.

What I feel in my heart is that, through this enforced stillness, big transformation is coming. A shift. The uncertainty of it all is unnerving, but it’s also a reminder that what we’re all going through collectively , this oneness, is all part of our journey, our connection and our growth.

We are truly all in this together and, yes, this too shall pass.

We will all hug and kiss again.

In love and light

A bush of wild berries I passed on my walk. It looks like they’re weeping.

Shedding tears for the old but shedding fears for what’s to grow from this.

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