Is gratitude over rated? Can the world have too much positivity?

In my eyes there’s no such thing. Life’s not always easy however to me there’s no point dwelling on our lack, but rather the opposite.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.” Melody Beattie

Are you satisfied with what you have and where you are?

A lot has rocked my world and those around me these past few months. Contrast, light and dark, good and bad, joyous days and shitty, heartbreaking news. We’re all dealt certain cards and it’s our choice how we respond. We can accept or we can deny.

We can pause, reflect and focus on what’s in front of us. We might stumble but eventually we move again, one step at a time and along the way we learn that it’s part of the process. The path is rarely straight forward.

Step by step we move forward

That’s what I’ve learnt and it’s what I’m doing. Whenever my thoughts become dark and begin to spiral I consciously try and find that centre of calm.

Camping trips, nature and walks in the Grampians have helped, but now it’s quiet time at home.

When we accept how things are our thoughts have a tendency to become clearer. It’s not always easy but finding that clarity and inner peace is key.

Even on days when life seems anything but positive, allow yourself to “feel” whatever it is and accept your emotion. Let it shift. Thoughts change. You don’t have to settle. That in itself is a gift

Finding solace in the simple

There’s so much I have to be grateful for: family, loving relationships, my health and the little things like journalling each night and reading on my new bestie, Keith the Kindle.

I’m learning too that it’s okay not to be “doing” all the time, that it’s okay to just “be”.

A satisfied mind? I’m working on it.

Lior sang it best in both his shows I saw recently. Here’s his performance in Melbourne. It’s worth a listen.

A Satisfied Mind

How many times have you heard someone say
“If I had his money, I could do things my way?”
But little do they know that it’s hard to find
One rich man in ten with a satisfied mind
Once I was wading in fortune and fame
Everything that I dreamed for to get a start in life’s game
But suddenly it happened, I lost every dime
But I’m richer by far with a satisfied mind
Money can’t buy back your youth when you’re old
Or a friend when you’re lonely, or a love that’s grown cold
The wealthiest person is a pauper at times
Compared to the man with a satisfied mind
When life has ended, my time has run out
My friends and my loved ones, I’ll leave, there’s no doubt
But there’s one thing for certain, when it comes my time
I’ll leave this old world with a satisfied mind
Songwriters: Red Hays / Jack Rhodes

What else am I grateful for?

For this iPhone that’s allowed me to put this post together, one fingered! And I’m grateful for all of you, my friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow bloggers in the US. Whilst we don’t officially celebrate it here in Australia, to me every day is a day to give thanks for.

Here’s to the feeling of abundance, peace and contentment that comes from having a satisfied mind, or at least striving for it.

In light and love as we continue the journey


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