Happy new year everyone! I’m writing this from our Journey, camped on the beautiful Yorke Peninsula on the South Australian coastline.

It’s the first day of a new year and a new decade and (typing this one fingered, on my phone) I wanted to wish you all a beautiful new year, one of joy, peace and going after your dreams.

I hope 2019 was a good year for you but if it wasn’t ideal, it’s time to say goodbye to it. Just remember to be kind and proud of yourself for getting where you are. We all have our paths in life.

Last year was a game changer for me. My word was “open” and it was an sentiment that saw me keep my mind open to many opportunities. It was a year that expanded so much. My freelance writing flourished, I made some amazing new contacts and I took a course on Life Mastery which opened up my mind to even more possibilities.

This year … I’m not going to choose simply one word. That feels limiting. Instead I’m embracing a new way of thinking, an alignment I know is true. I’m believing in myself, honouring my vision and owning my dreams.

I know what I want and feel driven. To shine my own light, inspiring through this blog and through new ventures, through my continued freelance projects and my ultimate vision of creating my own book and magazine. Yes, I’m working on it all, but mostly I’m working on the most important thing, each day, and that is, being true to myself.

Seems 2020 is the year of having perfect vision. Or at least aiming for it. It’s the year of clarity.

Like all of us, I’m a work in progress and it’s a constant ebb and flow. I’m loving the journey, even though it’s fraught with failure which are really lessons in disguise and fear which can be very real and life changing.

As I write this much of Australia is burning. There’s so much loss and devastation it’s hard to find words. I touched on it briefly in my last post. The hardest part for me is being so far from home right now where my 18yo son is. Fortunately I have family and friends who are close by and a big support.

My other concern is charting our way home in a few days. We’re over a thousand kilometres away and need to get back down to Victoria, being mindful of the upcoming heat again and of the bushfires that seem to be springing up everywhere.

It feels a bit like life in general. We have to make decisions and one wrong turn can change things dramatically. So we weigh up our plans, options, all the possible scenarios. We can’t possibly know all the outcomes, turns and details but we can make wise choices, as best we can. Each day is like that.

On a lighter note there are things to look forward to, like meeting up with fellow blogger and friend Glenys from Caravanning Correspondent on Friday and a day on Dolphin Beach tomorrow back in Innes National Park.

I’m looking forward to writing up lots of stories both from this trip and our recent outback trip. I’ve taken so many photos!

This is a place of such beauty and breathtaking coastal vistas. Together with my hub I’ve swum amongst pelicans, explored shipwrecks and ruins. We’ve had lunch in the company of stumpy tail lizards, met fabulous people, trekked to lighthouses and walked with emus. Makes me sound a bit like a wild woman!

So many adventures and so many more still to come.

Wishing you a joyful start to the decade. May it be filled with all that you love and may you have a clear vision that 2020 is going to be simply brilliant.

Light and love always.

A new year brings renewed hope, new opportunities, new adventures and new ways to give, love and shine your light. May 2020 be your best year ever.”

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